Magadh Precision Equipment Limited
Manufacturers of Hot / Cold Rolling Mills & Process Lines for Flat Products
(A Government of India Recognized Star Export House)

Electrolytic Cleaning Lines

Magadh can offer Electrolytic Cleaning Lines (ECL) for a strip width upto 1650 mm and strip thickness of 0.12 to 2.5 mm. ECL is used for the effective removal of iron fines, rolling oil, or grease remaining on the surface of cold rolled steel strip which may range upto 450 mg/m² of oil or grease and up to 160 mg/m² of iron fines.
Technology employed is spraying, brushing and electro cleaning by high current density followed by stage wise cascade rinsing.
The ECL can have efficiency of up to 97.5% for the oil and in excess of 95% for the iron fines, depending of the quality of strip from the rolling operation. This is due to the combination of different processes to clean the strip: spray or dip cleaning, brushes, electro-cleaning section followed by a rinse built into different stages.

Tension Leveling Lines

Magadh can offer Tension Leveling lines in 4-Hi and 6-Hi configuration for strip width upto 1650 mm, process speed upto 600 MPM for strip thickness of 2.5 mm to 0.12 mm.

The strip defects that can be handled are:
1. Surface to surface length differential (coil set)
2. Edge to edge length differential
3. Edge to edge thickness differential
4. Surface to surface length differential (crossbow)